All You Should Know About Use Of Neti Pots In Treatment Of Chronic Sinusitis!

If you are one of the thousands of individuals suffering from the unfortunate pangs of sinus, you can relate very well with the amount of pain that goes behind clogged nasal passages. In search for treatment, people have moved towards a holistic therapy called nasal irrigation that helps to flush out the infected entity out of nasal passages providing relief from discomfort and pain.

There are many types of methods available for nasal irrigation today but the one that is highly popular and yet most simple involves a use of neti pot, which is a small pot made either of ceramic or plastic resembling the shape of an Aladdin’s magic pot or a regular teapot used at home.

The origin of Neti therapy can be dated back to the roots of yoga where it was popularised as “Sutra Neti”, a body cleaning practice to rejuvenate you internally. It involves putting a strand of waxed cotton dipped in warm salt water contained in Neti pot into both nostrils to flush out all unwanted agents allowing a clear passage of air.

How effectively does Neti Pot Work?

This Neti pot therapy is considered one of the most efficient home remedy that has been in existence from centuries used in treatment of chronic Sinusitisis. It is yoga or meditation based therapy that involves alleviation of congestion rooted as the most prominent cause of sinus and nasal allergies. Any patient who is undergoing regular medications for treatment of sinus can always move to this healing therapy as it requires less investment and is also convenient.

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