On a Razor edge, literally


Don’t fret, don’t panic! We are just referring to the razor edge competition in the market when it comes to the variety, styles and designs of the razors available.

What is a Razor?

The English dictionary defines the word as an object that has a sharp edge and is used for shaving (removing) facial hair or hair from the other parts of the body like legs. To add to your knowledge, the german word for a razor is a Rasierer and is derived from the word Rasur. There is no end to the diverse styles and models of razors available in the market. However, we can broadly divide it into two categories according to who the user is:

  • A razor for men.
  • A razor for women.

Variety of Razors available (men):

Avoiding the old styles that are out of fashion and impractical to use, you can basically look for-

  1. An electronic shaver.
  2. A cartridge razor.
  3. A double edge razor.
  4. A trimmer.

Variety of Razors available (women):

Since the requirement in case of women is very different from men, the designs available are different too. Females unlike males, who use it for their facial hair, use the product for legs and other sensitive parts of the body. The razors in such a case have very thin blades that can bend easily at the contours of the body keeping the effect smoother and comfortable. An addition of vitamin E gives a soothing effect too.

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