The Key To Buying The Most Suitable Cage For Your Hamster!



Purchasing a right cage for your hamster could be a daunting task. Keep in mind these features to ensure you make a wise investment by spending in the right hamster cage.


Cleaning Ease: Once you keep a hamster, you will have to engage in proper cleaning routine to ensure their good health and keep infections away. No matter how useful features a cage is offering, if it does not allow provision of easy cleaning it’s of no use. Fancy styles and appearances are sometimes not very easy to clean and wash, hence make sure you don’t end up buying such a cage.


The Right Size: Hamsters are quite playful, they will constantly move and jump therefore the cage you put them into should be adequate space allowing for easy breathing and ventilation. If you are keeping Syrian hamsters, a 2 cubic feet size will work well; on the other hand, European hamsters will require more space due to their big size.


Security Provisions: To avoid your rodents escaping again and again, make sure the safety provisions are good enough. A sturdy door and locking mechanism with good visibility is important to ensure strict safety measures for your hamster.


Portability: Investing in a hamster cage that comes with well equipped wheels is one of the wisest decisions to make. Not only it will make it convenient for you in cleaning and moving but also acts a source of good exercise for your rodent. But make sure the cage wheels are sturdy to balance the weight of your hamster and do not come with complex designs leading to problems in entry and exit.



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