The Mystery Behind Those Hysterical Laughs- A Guide For Funny Riddles

Well almost every one of us has been the victim of those mischievous friends who have played pranks on us using funny riddles.  All of us keep looking at logic behind the riddle to crack it; while this whole time we never expected a funny answer.  But the real essence of a fun riddle is that it leaves us laughing and tickling.

How to make funnyriddles?

Well there is no proper guide as to how you can make that perfect looking riddle with a funny answer. But to start with, you can always take help of existing riddles and find a not so obvious funny side of it to find an answer. This will keep up the magic of the riddle as many will say the obvious answers but when you will give them your funny answer they will roll laughing. Another aspect is in making your own funny riddle, now how to go by it? Well there can be different ways

  • You can keep eye on your daily happenings and surrounding and catch words or phrases from people around you to make a riddle of your own
  • You can search over internet for latest “oops.. I got it wrong” moment of famous celebrities and build them into riddles.
  • At last there is always the ‘you” thing that is unique and can be made creative in a riddle; if you have that creative mind and funny bone then add your sense of humor to make riddles of your own.
Posted by / December 29, 2016
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